You're Not Too Small to be Hacked


Not sure if your small-to-medium business needs to invest in professional IT services? Read on to learn why your data is at risk, and why you need to act now.

1. You're not too small to hack.

SMBs are prime targets of hackers, mainly due to a belief that security protocols may be inadequate or even non-existent. Unfortunately, SMBs are even more likely to be hit with a cyber attack than big businesses.

2. You can't afford a data breach.

Small-to-medium businesses like yours can't afford to clean up after a data breach without help. The truth is, cleaning up after a security breach without professional disaster recovery services is more expensive than most SMBs can absorb.

3. Even the big guys get it wrong.

You can't have missed the news about the recent security breach that has left consumers reeling. If reports are accurate, steps could have been taken to prevent nearly all of the high-profile hacks over the past several years. Large organizations who choose to save money rather than invest in adequate data security offer a lesson to us all; pay a little bit extra for professional IT services now, or pay BIG later—really big.

4. A data breach can ruin your reputation.

No kidding, right? Any company that lets private financial or health information fall into the hands of criminals can be sure of only one thing—most of their customers will immediately transform into former customers. Loss of reputation is the leading cause of failure following a massive data breach, with over 70% of impacted businesses closing their doors forever. In a way, a data breach could be rebranded as the fastest going-out-of-business-and-closing-our-doors-forever scenario ever conceived.

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