Myth Busting: Is Color Printing Expensive?

There are some myths that just won't die. Sasquatch, Nessie, and—the expense of color printing. It's a popular one that many business professionals still believe, despite the fact that the statistics show otherwise these days. Color printing used to be more expensive than black-and-white printing, to the point that many companies chose to only allow black-and-white in the office. But this misconception comes from a time before cell phones were in the hands of nearly every person and before technology had evolved. Here's why it's simply not true anymore.

Color Printing is Affordable

There was a time when most businesses outsourced their high-quality color printing because office printers just weren't up to the task. And the fact is, outsourcing color printing really is the most expensive way to print in color—you may pay up to 45 cents a page since print shops know they can still get this price. But when you're printing in-house on a high-tech multifunction printer, you'll be paying a dramatically lower price.

The True Cost of Color Printing

The results are in, and the numbers may surprise you. If you print in-house with a color multifunction printer, you'll pay around five cents a page. Five! Black-and-white printing is cheaper, of course, coming in at less than a penny per page, but color printing is still an incredibly affordable option.

Why Print in Color?

When you factor in how important color printing is, you'll understand why it's worth it to invest in a color multifunction printer. Today, your audience—whether it's an internal meeting or potential customers and clients—is used to seeing material on the internet. Because of this, black-and-white looks cheap, unappealing, and uninteresting. Color printing is an essential marketing tool in today's saturated business environment, more than ever.

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