5 Reasons to Lease Your Small Business MFP

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A multifunction printer can provide your business with a proven solution to improve productivity and reduce costs. Not sure your SMB's budget can handle the cost? Read on to discover how leasing can make this technology acquisition a reality.

1. Leasing Benefits Tight Budgets

Leasing is a small business's best friend. Even a small startup business can benefit from a high-functioning MFP, but many don't have the cash to make an outright purchase. Leasing your MFP is a win-win situation—you get the equipment you need, but your operating capital is still available for other value-added projects.

2. Leasing Level the Playing Field

You need to let the locals know about your company, but outsourced printing is way out of your league. By leasing an MFP, you'll be able to print a newsletter or flier to let everyone know that you're in town and open for business!

3. Balance Your Budget

An unexpected hit for device repairs or replacement is the last thing a tight budget can handle. Lease agreements can be structured so that maintenance and repairs are included, and since you don't own the device, if it fails and needs to be replaced, the cost isn't on you. Additionally, many SMBs benefit from the consistent monthly lease payment for budget predictability.

4. Payments are Tax Deductible

You'll want to check with your tax accountant, but for most businesses, MFP lease payments are classified as a tax-deductible operating expense. Since everybody benefits from a few more of those, why not look into a state-of-the-art MFP today?

5. Get the Latest Technologies on Your Side

It can be a real challenge to keep up with technology, but not with a leased MFP! Because a lease doesn't require a large cash outlay, most companies opt to upgrade their MFP much sooner than they would if they had purchased it.

For a demonstration of the latest in MFP technology, contact us at Fruth Group today!


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