4 Can't-Miss Benefits of Document Management Software

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Electronic document management can help your organization overcome a long list of common problems. Whether you need to your storage requirements, speed up search and retrieval processes, secure your data, or meet compliance mandates, document management software has you covered. Here's how.

1. Reduce your document storage requirements.

How much are you paying to keep paper files cozy all year long? No matter how much it is, perhaps the real question to ask is this: What else could you do with all of that space? Could you expand your current staff or find room for that wide-format printer your marketing team has been dreaming about? Whatever your choice, a document management system could make paying for paper document storage space a thing of the past.

2. Find everything faster.

Searching for archived files in paper storage systems is never a good use of time, and the longer it's been since the file was created or accessed, the slimmer your chances of finding it at all. Document management software provides powerful, fast search solutions so you can put your finger on needed information in a matter of seconds. Search for keywords, phrases, dates, categories, names, and events, to name a few.

3. Secure your confidential information.

Paper documents are difficult to secure. Electronic document management keeps your files away from unauthorized access using password protection, data encryption, and other advanced security protocols. Audit trails provide a history of who viewed a document, when, and what changes were made.

4. Improve regulatory compliance.

Managing, securing, and retaining documents per regulatory requirements can be next to impossible with paper-based filing systems. Electronic document management gives you the solutions you need to meet compliance mandates with confidence.

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